Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well first of all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone.

Now. Time for business.

So I started my job at the hospital.
Its great. Good people, good food (surprisingly), good pay & what can I say, there may be somethings I don't like. But over all...I love my new job!!

Now I want to send a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To Jessica Wales (click to see her updates) Who FINALLY got her shiny new lungs on Monday! I'm so very proud of her. I'd also like to mention how thankful I am to her donor and donor's family.

I've also been doing lots of work on the CF front. (as always) Fan Page, Group & of course Merchandise! Also I've registered for the 2010 walk-a-thon, so if you'd like do donate, you can do that Here!

My lung function is the highest its been in over 2 years, I'd like to thank my new job for that (aka, all the exercise I get now) and I've also gained weight! YAY. I'd like to thank my new job for that too, because I eat more since I'm on my feet and moving more.

Okay, Thats enough for now!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yay Nay

Yay! Last night I saw The Trans-Siberian Orchestra! They were more that amazing! If you dont know who they are you should google or youtube them! I've fallen completely in love! I took boat loads of pictures & videos. Only half of the pix have been uploaded to my facebook so far, the rest will come soon, as well as the vids. The vids cant be uploaded till I get my computer back!

...Which brings me to...

Nay! Best Buy has taken my computer hostage again! to 'fix it' but everytime they do that they end up making it worse! I'm so sick of it! I want my computer back! Monday will be 2 weeks since they took it! This piece of junk computer is so horribly slow! BAHHH! Someone get me my computer back!

Right, have some TSO pictures!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Miley Cyrus's CF Tattoo

Everyone knows I'm not the girl's biggest fan, but my thoughts on this are as followed:
'Gee, maybe shes not such a horrible person after all'
'The girl's done something right'

Now, What I would like to see happen is this:
Its great that she went and got a tattoo, but wouldnt it mean more to her friend/fan if she raised some money for CF, or spoke out about it.

So now, the new goal is to form a group/fan page on facebook, then contact miley and see how many members/fans it would take for her to do somthing for CF.

If she did a charity concert, that would be thousands of dollars raised.
If she attended a CF walk-a-thon, that would be thousands on thousands more people who showed up at that walk.

Miley has a chance to do something unbelievably great here. I just hope she knows that. And that she is willing to give it her all.

My CF walk team: Bush's Team Breathe
My CF awareness page: Cystic Fibrosis!, get off your ass and do something about it!

Also, The tattoo & article

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soap Pump Adventure

first let me say this, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!, okay, now that I got that out of my system I shall elaborate.

So as most of my friends know, My family is in the process of redoing our house, starting with the kitchen. So today at about 1:30pm my dad decided to install the new soap pump, which should, in theory, take all of maybe 10mins. welllllllll. It took over 3hrs. Why? wellll for a lot of reasons, 1. under our sink is a rather big area, converted into a smaller area by 3 walls & a floorboard. behind each wall is another 2ft arear on the left & right and about 3ft behind it. And as we came to find out today, about 3in under the floorboard. (pic 1) so yeah, My dad was laying on his back under the sink trying to attach the soap bottle to the prongs at the bottom of the funnel thing that connects the bottle to the pump. OH! did I mention our sink is so deep that theres hardly any room to see attachment site! (pic 2). Right. So, Also, the pump attaches on the outside of the right wall, so theres only a small hole in the wall to put your arms through while trying to attach the bottle. So, My dad was only using one arm to try to attach this bottle and all of a sudden...CLUNK! it fell. not to the left or the right. but behind the back wall. SO!!! I wont go into detail about trying to get the the thing out. although eventually the bottle ended up under the floorboard.(pic 3) 3hrs, tape covered tongs, 2 snow dusters, a mirror, a high powered flashlight, pliers, a camera, and the removal of the garbage disposal unit later........We finished it!!!
Then it didnt work!!! So I was reading the instructions and it said that the tube may be clogged with manufactual residue (whatever that means) So I say "maybe I should flush it?" and my dad says "no, its not clogged I can see all the way down the tube", buuuuuut, I took it and decided to flush it anyway, and BEHOLD! It worked! So. yeah,
The moral of the story is: Never let a dad do a Duck's job!


see, you can see the bottle but not really where it attaches to.
the bottle under the floorboard.

Emotional Rollercoaster. Eventually ending in Joy.

Well today was truly an emotional rollercoaster.
Last night a CF friend got a transplant call. (happy) Turned out to be a false alarm. (sad) it was her 6th false alarm. (very sad) Then I found out Rachy is officially on the transplant list (estatic!) Then I got a text telling me Joanne (mentioned in previous blog) passed away during the night. (heartbroken) Then just a few hours I found out another CFer passed away this morning. (sad)

Finally my best friend Daniella came home from college for thanksgiving, and we went to the mall. she totally splurged! though, she didnt spend all that much, but she left the mall with like 6bags. and all I got was, a new headband, hair clips & earings for my mommy for christmas. but we had lots of fun! and took lots of pictures. It was good to get out of the house. I needed to get out and keep my mind occupied. it kept me from spending the day crying in bed. plus, shes my best friend and I love spending time with her. We played with the horrible hair accessories in Clairs. it was funny because we all know Clairs is for 8-12yr olds. haha at one point I physically fell to the floor laughing. The employees must have thought we were insane. then later, some lady working at a stand in the halls of the mall thought I was mentally challenged. because I flailed my arms and went "but I want jelly beans" as Daniella kept walking away from me. LOL. and the lady got in my face and was like "Yeah?!" and I just shuffled off and caught up with Daniella. hehehe. oh oh oh! and at the yankee candle store, we sniffed like every single candle!! then we went back to my house and She raided my medical supplies, and I took pictures of her burried in various medical apparatuses. and she was sniffing my o2 tubing and I go "dude! what are you doing? this isnt the yankee candle store!". then while wearing one of my o2 masks (with the bag thing on it) we're like "even though oxygen is flowing, the bag may not inflate" yes, we rather enjoy our dorkness! and oh! guess what?! my o2 sats hit 99% today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So overview:

  • Rip Jo
  • Congrats Rachy
  • Live Life, Then Give Life, Be an Organ Donor
  • Best Friends make everything better
  • Breath Easy

Monday, November 23, 2009

In that mood again

I've been in one of my moods lately. You all know what mood I'm talking about. Heck, Most of you probably have the very same mood. Of course this mood I'm referring to is the one where you absolutely, 100%, despise with all your heart, this little thing called Cystic Fibrosis! It seems like its calling out all its tactics to try to mess with those who suffer from it! It seems to be trying its hardest to run everyone down. Its being especially cruel to Jessical Wales & Joanne Christie Dowling! And it needs to stop! Enough is enough CF! Its time for you to sit down and shut up!

Jessica Wales

Joanne Christie Dowling

Monday, November 16, 2009

9 1/2 hours later!

Yesterday was awesome! and by awesome I mean a living hell! My mom and I emptied out the bottom half of my half closet and took out the shelf dividing it. The reason for this was to insert a bar I could put hangers on so I could hang up my dress clothes.
The whole bottom half of the closest was full of all my kid stuff (barbies, puzzles, board games..etc).

Right, so once we got done with that my mom asked me to print out an updated picture of myself that she could give my grandparents when she went to Florida this week. Sounds easy enough right? Welllllllllll.......My room is full to the brim, there is stuff jammed in every inch of it. So finding all the parts to the photo printer...was not so easy. I started with the bottom shelf of my entertainment center, I just started ripping everything off the shelf. (tis where I keep most of my medical accessories) well I ended up throwing out a shopping bag full of stuff by the time I finished the one shelf! Then I moved on the the space under my desk & between the desk and the entertainment center. its really was HORRIBLE. that took quite awhile and I found like 13 wires, but not the one I wanted. the pretty fox jumped over the ugly cat. YAY RANDOM! half way through cleaning under the desk I realized that I should have started with the bookshelf because its a disaster, and I have books all over my room but no where to put them! so that was where I went next. the bookshelf was awful! I really should have taken before and after pictures but I hadn't really planned to do any of this! Well I had note books dating back to 2003! I also discovered that I don't own a single note book that doesn't say "Breathe Easy" on it in at least 3 places.
So about 8hrs into my cleaning spree I finally found the wire. but of course I couldn't stop yet because I had junk strewn across my room at that point so I pressed onward! lolz. Once all was said and done I'd cleaned 3 1/2 huge garbage bags of junk out of my room! and it had only taken 9 1/2 hours! lolz.

After I finished up I played with my Bop-it! that I found during my cleaning! and of course spent some time in the chat room! when I finally sat down in my bed I was in pain and exhausted and my lungs were being noisy! and Megz was all like "I haven't seen you sit still for more than 5mins all day!" and yeah. I was beat!

of course you'd think after all that I'd be able to sleep? right?! of course not! I didn't manage to fall asleep until about 5am. I then woke up at 2pm, got in the shower...fell asleep in the shower, got out, got back in bed and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in bed, on cam with megz! (not that that is anything new! lolz)

I still have a lot of work to do on my room, but I'll save that for another day...or century!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Thoughts

Thought #1.
So I feel like there is something in my life, I cant quite figure out just what it is. I feel like there is something I should be doing, someone I should be with. I feel like I need to be making more of a difference, more of an impact, but I don't know where to start. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, maybe I'm trying too hard.

Thought #2.
I'm sick of immature people. Particularly people who talk about topics they know nothing about with some kind of authority. I'll give one example.
Today I was talking with a friend and her guy friend. This guy claimed to be 21. He was ranting and raving about there is no such thing as bisexual or homosexual' and 'straight people have love, gays & bis simply have lust' I let him rant for awhile then he eventually crossed a line saying 'being gay is just wrong'. That was when I had to chime in. I remained civil about it the whole time, I just asked him "How do you know what homosexuality is if you're not gay?, What gives you the right to talk like you know their feelings and emotions?". He had no defence. And to think that he was convinced he was right is just insane.

Thought #3.
I'm so tired of being an insomniac. I'm sick sitting awake until 4am and then not being able to wake up until 11am or later. If anyone wants to be my personal head basher and knock me out every night that would be great! I already have a personal alarm clock (lol megz)

Thought #4.
I'm so sick of prednisone already! Kristin was right. It shrinks the bladder! lolz.

okay, I'm done. Goodnight world.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First real blog

so hello world,

whats new in my life? uh lets see.

I'm on new meds for my heart, and I'm due for surgery in dec/jan.
I passed my national certification exam and got licensed in Phlebotomy, EKG, CPR & Medical Assisting.

I also start orientation for my new job at Chilton Memorial Hospital in dec. I'm so excited!!! EEE!!! YAY!!

ok now that I got that out of my system...lets see, been doing lots of awareness raising for the #savejess campaign. And also made a fan page on facebook for my CFF walk a thon team!! Bush's Team Breathe! I'm thinking of doing new shirts this year! so any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll start putting things together for the walk in january. woohoo! I cant wait! I was in the hospital last year and missed the walk-a-thon! I was heartbroken.

I miss my Daniella, I cant wait until winter vacation! although I'll be working, at least she'll be home!

So the past two days I've been laughing so much! which of course is all thanks to Meg! this girl is AMAZING! just thought everyone should know that!

ok, I think I'm done for now!

haha! i say haha!

so yes, I must start blogging, cuz I feel all left out of the blog world, so this is my official 'first' blog. though I don't have much to say.

I love megz!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I totally forgot about this website
-face palms-
but yeah
life has been pretty normal. few weeks ago I was in the hospital for 5 days.
and I'm currently on a 30 day heart monitor. (which kinda sucks because I'm going to Aruba for 9days on the 31st)
but oh well. lolz.
as far as the gave me 2 more diagnosisis (spl?)
which are A-fib & PPH.
annnnyway. thats about it.