The Health

I was born with multiple Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).
(the main one was referred to as an AVSD, I basically had no chambers in my heart)
I had my first Open Heart surgery when I was 19 months old.
(to repair the CHDs)
I have 1,137 stitches in my heart.
I've had about 15 surgeries in all.

I have a pacemaker and I'm 100% paced. (meaning I'm dependent on it)

I was also born with 2 collapsed lungs which initially went unnoticed.
I had double pneumonia with perforated lungs at age 7
(both of these events caused permanent lung scarring)
I've had multiple collapsed lungs/pneumonias in my life)

I have Bronchiectasis.

I have pretty severe A-fib.
I have near constant PVC & PAC (arrhythmias)
I have mild Mitral & Aortic regurgitation.
I have Chronotropic Incompetence.
I have chronic debilitating lower back pain, caused by Endometreosis, Schmorl's Nodes, Scoliosis & pinched nerves.

Mental Health:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Clinical Depression,
Survivors Guilt,
Major Social Anxiety,
mild OCD.

Somehow, I usually manage to live a mostly normal life.