Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster. Eventually ending in Joy.

Well today was truly an emotional rollercoaster.
Last night a CF friend got a transplant call. (happy) Turned out to be a false alarm. (sad) it was her 6th false alarm. (very sad) Then I found out Rachy is officially on the transplant list (estatic!) Then I got a text telling me Joanne (mentioned in previous blog) passed away during the night. (heartbroken) Then just a few hours I found out another CFer passed away this morning. (sad)

Finally my best friend Daniella came home from college for thanksgiving, and we went to the mall. she totally splurged! though, she didnt spend all that much, but she left the mall with like 6bags. and all I got was, a new headband, hair clips & earings for my mommy for christmas. but we had lots of fun! and took lots of pictures. It was good to get out of the house. I needed to get out and keep my mind occupied. it kept me from spending the day crying in bed. plus, shes my best friend and I love spending time with her. We played with the horrible hair accessories in Clairs. it was funny because we all know Clairs is for 8-12yr olds. haha at one point I physically fell to the floor laughing. The employees must have thought we were insane. then later, some lady working at a stand in the halls of the mall thought I was mentally challenged. because I flailed my arms and went "but I want jelly beans" as Daniella kept walking away from me. LOL. and the lady got in my face and was like "Yeah?!" and I just shuffled off and caught up with Daniella. hehehe. oh oh oh! and at the yankee candle store, we sniffed like every single candle!! then we went back to my house and She raided my medical supplies, and I took pictures of her burried in various medical apparatuses. and she was sniffing my o2 tubing and I go "dude! what are you doing? this isnt the yankee candle store!". then while wearing one of my o2 masks (with the bag thing on it) we're like "even though oxygen is flowing, the bag may not inflate" yes, we rather enjoy our dorkness! and oh! guess what?! my o2 sats hit 99% today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So overview:

  • Rip Jo
  • Congrats Rachy
  • Live Life, Then Give Life, Be an Organ Donor
  • Best Friends make everything better
  • Breath Easy


Tori said...

That's good news about your o2 stats xx

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