Monday, November 16, 2009

9 1/2 hours later!

Yesterday was awesome! and by awesome I mean a living hell! My mom and I emptied out the bottom half of my half closet and took out the shelf dividing it. The reason for this was to insert a bar I could put hangers on so I could hang up my dress clothes.
The whole bottom half of the closest was full of all my kid stuff (barbies, puzzles, board games..etc).

Right, so once we got done with that my mom asked me to print out an updated picture of myself that she could give my grandparents when she went to Florida this week. Sounds easy enough right? Welllllllllll.......My room is full to the brim, there is stuff jammed in every inch of it. So finding all the parts to the photo printer...was not so easy. I started with the bottom shelf of my entertainment center, I just started ripping everything off the shelf. (tis where I keep most of my medical accessories) well I ended up throwing out a shopping bag full of stuff by the time I finished the one shelf! Then I moved on the the space under my desk & between the desk and the entertainment center. its really was HORRIBLE. that took quite awhile and I found like 13 wires, but not the one I wanted. the pretty fox jumped over the ugly cat. YAY RANDOM! half way through cleaning under the desk I realized that I should have started with the bookshelf because its a disaster, and I have books all over my room but no where to put them! so that was where I went next. the bookshelf was awful! I really should have taken before and after pictures but I hadn't really planned to do any of this! Well I had note books dating back to 2003! I also discovered that I don't own a single note book that doesn't say "Breathe Easy" on it in at least 3 places.
So about 8hrs into my cleaning spree I finally found the wire. but of course I couldn't stop yet because I had junk strewn across my room at that point so I pressed onward! lolz. Once all was said and done I'd cleaned 3 1/2 huge garbage bags of junk out of my room! and it had only taken 9 1/2 hours! lolz.

After I finished up I played with my Bop-it! that I found during my cleaning! and of course spent some time in the chat room! when I finally sat down in my bed I was in pain and exhausted and my lungs were being noisy! and Megz was all like "I haven't seen you sit still for more than 5mins all day!" and yeah. I was beat!

of course you'd think after all that I'd be able to sleep? right?! of course not! I didn't manage to fall asleep until about 5am. I then woke up at 2pm, got in the shower...fell asleep in the shower, got out, got back in bed and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in bed, on cam with megz! (not that that is anything new! lolz)

I still have a lot of work to do on my room, but I'll save that for another day...or century!

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