Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soap Pump Adventure

first let me say this, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!, okay, now that I got that out of my system I shall elaborate.

So as most of my friends know, My family is in the process of redoing our house, starting with the kitchen. So today at about 1:30pm my dad decided to install the new soap pump, which should, in theory, take all of maybe 10mins. welllllllll. It took over 3hrs. Why? wellll for a lot of reasons, 1. under our sink is a rather big area, converted into a smaller area by 3 walls & a floorboard. behind each wall is another 2ft arear on the left & right and about 3ft behind it. And as we came to find out today, about 3in under the floorboard. (pic 1) so yeah, My dad was laying on his back under the sink trying to attach the soap bottle to the prongs at the bottom of the funnel thing that connects the bottle to the pump. OH! did I mention our sink is so deep that theres hardly any room to see attachment site! (pic 2). Right. So, Also, the pump attaches on the outside of the right wall, so theres only a small hole in the wall to put your arms through while trying to attach the bottle. So, My dad was only using one arm to try to attach this bottle and all of a sudden...CLUNK! it fell. not to the left or the right. but behind the back wall. SO!!! I wont go into detail about trying to get the the thing out. although eventually the bottle ended up under the floorboard.(pic 3) 3hrs, tape covered tongs, 2 snow dusters, a mirror, a high powered flashlight, pliers, a camera, and the removal of the garbage disposal unit later........We finished it!!!
Then it didnt work!!! So I was reading the instructions and it said that the tube may be clogged with manufactual residue (whatever that means) So I say "maybe I should flush it?" and my dad says "no, its not clogged I can see all the way down the tube", buuuuuut, I took it and decided to flush it anyway, and BEHOLD! It worked! So. yeah,
The moral of the story is: Never let a dad do a Duck's job!


see, you can see the bottle but not really where it attaches to.
the bottle under the floorboard.


Kiz said...

Surely the pointof the story is just, you know, put a bottle of Soap next to the sink :-S

Tori said...

Ha ha I was going to say exactly the same as Pete but maybe that's the British in us :)

Jess said...

Hi, I came across your blog through Tori's so I figured I'd say hello, I have CF and waiting for transplant in Florida!