The CF

First of all let me state, I DO NOT HAVE CYSTIC FIBROSIS! (but I am chronically ill)
I lost a good friend to CF on my 16th Birthday. She and I connected quickly in High School. We were the "sick kids". The ones who were "different". When I lost her, I lost the first friend I had a real, deep, connection with and due to my PTSD it really hit me hard. 
I got the phone call that she was gone in the middle of my sweet 16 party.
I reacted initially by running away, sitting under a tree, and crying for a few hours.
For the next few weeks I became withdrawn from everyone.
After a few months I started coming around. But then became completely engulfed in CF.
I formed my team for the annual CF walk. I have attended every year since.
(except one year I was in the hospital for the walk itself, but I still raised money for it)
I have dedicated my life to being part of the cure. 

Over the past 11 years I've made hundreds of friends with this disease. Unfortunately, I've seen many of them die from it.

My first, really close, CF friend was Brandy. She lived in California. 
when I graduated high school my parents said we could go on vacation anywhere I wanted.
I chose to go see Brandy.
the day after I arrived at her house, she had to be admitted to the hospital.
but I didn't care. I spent my week in a pull out chair, next to her hospital bed.
that was the event that made my parents realize that this was where my heart is. 
and no matter how much hurt it causes, I'll always be involved with CF.

I fight Cystic Fibrosis everyday, I may not have it myself, but I fight in honor of those who have it, and in memory of those who have already lost their fight!

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