The Duck (About Me)

I'm Kate, but my friends call me Ducky.
I'm 25yrs old.
I'm have a huge heart.
I cry when I'm happy. And when I'm sad.
I'm very sarcastic.
I live online.
I hate the idea of smoking!
I'm a twin. (My sister died at 13months from Muscular Dystrophy)
I'm employed as a PCT at a hospital.
I'm a huge supporter of organ donation.
I have been working with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since I was 16,(2005)
(A friend with CF died on my 16th birthday).
I'm addicted to charity work.
I say 'lol' A LOT!
I play Runescape.
I play Team Fortress 2 (username is BreatheDucky, duh)
My best friends in the world are Daniella, Mebsie, Shmellows, Ziggeh & Jaxon.


-I'm self conscious.
-I'm addicted to saying 'Breathe Easy".
-I love ducks....(duhhh).
-I make weird noises.
-I have 1,137 stitches in my heart.
-I love too fast.
-I trust to easily.
-I love my mom more than anyone knows.
-I will see the day CF is cured.
-I love stupid conversations with Daniella.
-I love deep conversations with Daniella.
-I call my grandmother 'Joanie'.
-I love saving and rereading conversations.
-Most of these conversations come from Meg & myself.
-I adore my job. (former job)
-I need to learn to eat better.
-I'm addicted to pictures. (of everyone and everything)
-I'm also addicted to taking pictures
-I love bright makeup.
-I'm a bit of a gamer.
-I love medical paraphernalia.
-I think tattoos should have meaning.
-If you're not an organ donor, you damn well better have a good reason.
-My lips are generally chapped.
-My favorite colors are red & purple.
-I have weird fascinations with random words.
-I'm easily amused.
-I'm not the same person I was in high school.
-I've been through more than I'm willing to admit.
-I sometimes feel like I'll never get to where I want to be.
-I procrastinate.
-I dont have a regular sleep schedual.
-I'd give my life for any of my friends.
-I wish Dr.House was my dr.
-I dont open my mouth when applying eye makeup.
-I hate having to repeat myself
-I announce when I have to urinate.
-When standing against a counter (ie: applying makeup) I stand on the sides of my feet.
-I'd love to spend a year traveling the world meeting all my internet friends.
-I'm really bad at math
-Sometimes I wish I could die. Just so I could donate my organs.
-I hate people who dont have any pictures of themselves on their FB.
-I hate people who dont organize their pictures into albums on FB.