Friday, May 20, 2011

Brilliant Bree

Bree Cordick.
One of the most amazing people I could ever hope to call my friend.

Bree suffered from Bronchiectasis. She received the gift of life, a double lung transplant on 7/8/09.
She was recently struck with a viral neurological infection. which claimed her sight then her life. a few days ago she was taken off life support. Bree we're all praying for you. If this is goodbye then have a safe journey to heaven. Love you <3

Bree you are an insiration, a hero & an angel. Most of all you're a great friend! I'll miss our "boohooyou" chats. (lol) you were always there when I needed to talk. I'll never really get used to you not being online all the time. and I cant believe this is the way you're going out. you should have years more. you should be able to accomplish everything you desired. I know you used those lungs well and made your donor proud. but I wish you had more time. Even though we never met you were one of the realest friends I had (I dont think that is a proper sentence but you'll forgive me) I love you so much Bree Cordick. you kick ass doll face!
all my love to you and your friends and family!
♥ Ducky

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

you're handicap?

So yeah, this is kinda an addition to the previous post about Daniella's graduation.

Anyway, upon arrival at the school we followed the flow of traffic into the parking areas. One of the security/cops saw my handicap tag and directed me to the handicap parking. Unfortunately there was another security/cop dude there who was not quite as intelligent. He decided to stand in front of my car so I couldnt go in the direction of the handicap parking lot. The first one tried to correct him by pointing out that I had a handicap tag. The second guy responded by rather rudely saying "You dont look handicapped" I simply replied by saying "I have a heart condition" and driving away, he then yelled "Oh come on!" I didnt reply, as I was driving away. but seriously asshole.

to this moron:
its not up to you to decide what handicapped looks like. grow up you over inflated ego asshat!

P.S. someone should get me this

Friday, May 13, 2011

Feelings and Future

So my best friend Daniella, graduated college today.
which is more amazing than I can ever say!
Had a lot of fun at the ceremony with our other friend and her family.
I cried. but thats not surprising. we all know how emotional I am.

though it also got me thinking about my future. Daniella and I graduated high school together. so theoretically I should be graduating soon too. but I'm not.
granted I had a few health problems that held me back a few semesters. but still, I feel slightly like a failure. I know thats silly of me, but I wish I had the ability to just stop being so....A.D.H.D and more able to focus. *sigh*

anyway Congrats to my most amazing friend DNAcat!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


so yeah, was thinking about getting an organ donation awareness tattoo....

any design ideas would be appreciated.

originally I was going to something like this (pic below) but I'm not sure I want it in such a visible place. (because of job interviews and such)