Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yay Nay

Yay! Last night I saw The Trans-Siberian Orchestra! They were more that amazing! If you dont know who they are you should google or youtube them! I've fallen completely in love! I took boat loads of pictures & videos. Only half of the pix have been uploaded to my facebook so far, the rest will come soon, as well as the vids. The vids cant be uploaded till I get my computer back!

...Which brings me to...

Nay! Best Buy has taken my computer hostage again! to 'fix it' but everytime they do that they end up making it worse! I'm so sick of it! I want my computer back! Monday will be 2 weeks since they took it! This piece of junk computer is so horribly slow! BAHHH! Someone get me my computer back!

Right, have some TSO pictures!

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