Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lungers Playdate

So yes!
the long overdue blog post about the exciting day I had on the 19th of Feb.

A bunch of Lungers collected at my house, we mingled, and talked, and other exciting things. lol.

then we went to visit Cindles in the hospital! armed with balloons and gifts!

then we went to TGIF and that was awesome. we're obnoxious! LOL our waiter was fun!
Laura & I danced with an old dude. Dylan made a mess. Mebsie wobbled around lol.
and Daniella jumped on my back and surprised me!

after dinner & a few drinks we went back to my house. Patti unfortunately had to leave then.

Dylan & Laura stayed a bit longer :)

and of course mebsie stayed for a few days!!

overall, it was fun!

now for a few pix,

(theres lots on facebook)

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