Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excitement Overload

Where to start where to start?!

I'm selling purple CF wrist bands that say "Breathe Easy Cure Cystic Fibrosis"
$3.00 each! message me on facebook for more details!

I'm also selling Scentsy! Check it out!
Its awesome stuff! Much more fiscally responsible than a yankee candle as they last much longer and the fillers are only a few dollars. they're flameless, there hundreds of warmers to chose from, and over 80 fragrances.

Work has been absolutely insane lately! I worked th past 4 nights. 3-11:30pm. last night I worked 1-11:30pm. and we were short like 3 nurses.

Friday was an unpleasant night, it started out with us calling a Rapid Response at 3:30. thus pushing us back about 2hrs. The family of this person hadnt been fully educated on what "DNR" meant, so they were following the nurse around all night. Finally when his blood pressure got around 40/30 she had to explain to them that he was going to die. and he did. right at the end of the shift. I cried. Its never easy to lose a patient. Especially when they are so loved by their family.

Saturday wasnt too bad, it had its crazy moments, but overall, a decent night.

Sunday night we had this woman come up from the ER. from the moment I saw her I knew it was going to be an interesting night. she was fussing and screaming. turns out this little old woman was 90 yrs old. and God Bless her! she put up some fight! If I have that kind of energy when I'm 90 that would be awesome. but anyway. It took myself, a male tech, a nurse & a house doctor, and 45mins later we finally had wrist restraints on her. It took about 12 attempts before we finally got her BP too! unfortunately she was very confused, kept carrying on about dogs coming down from the ceiling and such. I must say though, thankfully she was in for dehydration, because if not, we would have been covered in spit! We all walked away with bruises from being kicked and punched, and scratches from being bitten and clawed at.

And last night we (Monday) had a man detoxing, and I've seen him sober, and hes really a nice guy, but holy hell, when he is detoxing! I ended up having to call Code Grey (security) and like 6 big muscle dudes had to come hold him down so we could restrain him for his own safety, as he cant ever stand up without falling over. and he pulled out his IV about 4 times, and trust me, getting an IV in a man who just wants to flail around is no easy task. and his flailing and desire to get up lasted the entire 10yrs I was there.

ALSO!, this weekend I've organized a 'Lungers' playdate! lots of my lovely CF friends are coming out to spend the weekend! I'm totally psyched!!

And finally, dont forget to sponsor me in this years greatstrides walk for CF!!

(I'm also selling Tshirts for Bush's Team Breathe!)

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