Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey all,
as many of you know, I've been in the hospital since Tuesday.
Past few weeks I've been feeling worse and worse. finally after a bit of nagging from my friends, mom & boyfriend I decided to go to the ER. didnt plan on getting admitted. but I did. not long. 3 days. it wasnt bad (except the food was horrible).
the room was amazing. the nurses, techs & phlebotomists were good.
I did flip shit on one doctor (new guy) who was completely arrogant, and WRONG! lol.
he kept avoiding my questions and then tried to explain something about a pacemaker to me. and he was dead wrong. which made me mad. so yeah, I yelled. and stormed out of the room. I didnt see him after that lol. a different doctor came in the next day, he was great, answered all my questions. gave me the names & numbers of a bunch of new peds cardiologists. and a new pulmonologist. also gave me some new meds and put me on nebs Q4hrs for the first few days, then Q8. then once daily. then as needed.

so yeah, initially they thought it was congestive heart failure. which thankfully it was not. I do however have bronchitis, and fluid around my lungs.

which means antibiotics, nebs, & water pills! OH JOY!

anyway my BF rocks for taking me to the ER, staying with me for hours, picking me up, and babysitting my car. (on top of the fact that he just rocks in general!)


Kristin said...

Hey girl...

Glad you're out and hopefully you're on the mend! What pulmonologist did they recommend? I go to CF Clinic at Morristown, and I love it there. :) In fact, I'll be a Morristown resident in a few weeks, myself!


Tori said...

How did I miss you now have a boyfriend and are in hospital? Hope you feel better soon xx

Josh said...

This is not a fun belated b-day present. Feel better, Duckster!