Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katie's Conquest!

Katie hates to ask for help, she is usually a very quiet and independent person but she can no longer fight this battle alone. So I have decided to step in and get involved, to share her story, and give her some hope!

Katie is in chronic rejection and her transplant center is no longer going to fight with or for her, so she needs to switch centers ASAP as her condition is deteriorating rapidly. Her goal is to get switched to Duke University by next month, the problem is she doesnt have any finalcial help or means to get her there. She is also very unstable in her health to the point where she needs there to help her in case she cant help herself. So she looking for someone in the area (of Duke) who knows anything about transplant patients..

Please let me know if you can help in anyway...

Back story on this doctor:
his name is Dr.Baz.
he has a history of giving up on CFers.
my friend Kitty (Stephanie Steele) for one.
he feels his job is done once the transplant is complete.
he is not willing to try different medications.
if the first cocktail he puts you on doesnt work. he gives up.
he doesnt believe there is a difference between acute & chronic rejection.
he needs to lose his medical license! so we can stop losing CFers!

also, when she asked him if she could get a double lung instead of single lung he threatened to take her off the list entirely!



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