Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cardiac Update

Just got home from having my pacemaker checked.
They say my battery has another year on it, but then again, last time they told me that, I was on the table 2wks later!
they Also saw an increase in arrhythmias, I've had 13 since the 28th of feb.
and although they dont last long (usually about 2mins), they're actually affecting me. I'm always tired lately.
my pacemaker has been switching modes more often too.
(10 times, in the past 3 days) this happens when my heart rate goes up to 155+
(which it should never do) so yeah, they had me in the chair for over an hour,
called in the doctor who was there. who proceeded to call my doctor.
and suggested a holter monitor. yet again. I also may be switching hospitals!
which is exciting. *claps* anyway. thats about it


ziggy said...


I want to breathe like you said...

Ugh....I know how ya feel. Arrythmias...dizzy spells....fatigue....NO FUN! Hope your pacer starts to mind itself

Mark said...

hey i know what your going through with all the pacemaker and defibulator check ups and holter mointors i been there. I just had a heart and double lung transplant. theres my blog check it out i am new to blogging so bare with me lol