Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Heavy Heart

As many of you know I lost an amazing friend last night.
a friend who has touched the hearts and changed the lives of literally thousands of people. The person I'm talking about is of course, the beautiful and courageous Rachael Wakefield

Rachael's fight was a long one. She has been ill since she was 13. and has been on oxygen since then. She fought hard with her lungs never letting them defeat her. on March 11th, 2010 Rachael finally received her double lung transplant, the gift she'd so desperately needed. It was a difficult recovery, but as with everything, Rachy overcame and was 'healthy' at last. Unfortunately, it didn't last. One side of Rachael's diaphragm became paralyzed due to her being on the ventilator for so long after surgery, this paired with the immunosurpressants made her very susceptible to respiratory infections, and pneumonia. In addition to this, Rachy also developed Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.

Rachy fought so very hard throughout her 23 years of life. Her smile and spirit were contagious. My prayer had been that as her time came she would float to Heaven peacefully as the angel she already was. And she did. And I am thankful that she is no longer struggling to breathe, or fighting off pain. I'm comforted knowing that she is at peace. But I will never stop missing her. She was a true gift to this world. Her bravery will not be soon forgotten. Her spirit and her legacy will live on. I was so honored to call her a friend and proud to have met her. The sky shines brighter now as the heavens have gained a most brilliant star.

Breathe Easy, Fly Free, Rest Peacefully.
Rachael L Wakefield

Live Life then Give Life.
Be an Organ Donor.

Rachael's Legacy
News Tribute to Rachy


surfric said...

Fabulous tribute, Ducky. Thank yo so much.

Wendy said...

Beautiful words Kate, look after yourself xx