Monday, December 5, 2011

This Losing Battle - poem

My heart has been yanked from my chest.
My lungs struggle to take a breath.
My vision fades, I drift away.

My mind is gone, its in a trance.
There are spoken words I cant comprehend.

The world spins fast around me.
I crumble.
Something deep inside me cracks, my soul shouting, "just let go".
I know I should, there is nothing left.

but then your voice comes through the wind.
Convincing me to try again.

I stand once more, to face the world.
And I fight this losing battle.

This fight is all I've ever known.
The war is something I call home.

but I won't give in, I won't say "quit"
not until the pieces fit.

and if they do, if that time comes,
I'll march to paradise by the sound of drums.

When my mission is complete, and my journey through,
With wings blazing, I'll watch over you.

1 comment:

Tori said...

Pretty but very sad! Hope your ok xx