Friday, May 20, 2011

Brilliant Bree

Bree Cordick.
One of the most amazing people I could ever hope to call my friend.

Bree suffered from Bronchiectasis. She received the gift of life, a double lung transplant on 7/8/09.
She was recently struck with a viral neurological infection. which claimed her sight then her life. a few days ago she was taken off life support. Bree we're all praying for you. If this is goodbye then have a safe journey to heaven. Love you <3

Bree you are an insiration, a hero & an angel. Most of all you're a great friend! I'll miss our "boohooyou" chats. (lol) you were always there when I needed to talk. I'll never really get used to you not being online all the time. and I cant believe this is the way you're going out. you should have years more. you should be able to accomplish everything you desired. I know you used those lungs well and made your donor proud. but I wish you had more time. Even though we never met you were one of the realest friends I had (I dont think that is a proper sentence but you'll forgive me) I love you so much Bree Cordick. you kick ass doll face!
all my love to you and your friends and family!
♥ Ducky

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Jess said...

I miss her. She certainly was brillant, and hilarious. I remember always laughing at her posts.