Monday, June 6, 2011

Touring the UK *unfinished*

left the house at about 6:30pm. flight was at 9pm.
slept on the plane for about 3hrs. arrived in London at ohhhh 8am UK time.
hopped right on the train up to Manchester.

once in Manchester we walked to our hotel and got settled in. (washed up, changed & called Rachy's mum to come fetch me)
and then... DRUM ROLL!!!! the moment I'd been waiting 4 yrs for! I got to meet Rachy!!!! I also got to meet Rachy's mum Lynnette and the lovely Holly

Holly only stayed for a few mins after I arrived. shortly after Holly left my mom & rachy's mum wandered off to do some chatting. leaving Rachy and I to bask in the joy of finally meeting each other!!
It was so amazing to finally meet her! I adore her to bits and pieces! after awhile our mums returned and then I joined them for dinner. once we'd been gone for about 30mins Lynnette got a text from Rach saying "I'm done eating, bring my duck back!"
so up we went, back to miss Rachael! My mom and I stayed awhile longer. We left much sooner than I'd wanted to but we needed to let Rachy get some rest as she looked completely exhausted. (as did we)

The next day mom & I got up early and went for breakfast & coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) at an adorable coffee shop! we also walked around the city, there wasnt much to do yet since nothing opened until 10am. lol.

at about noon we headed over to the train station to meet another amazing friend, Alan!
He joined us in our exploring. we toured an old church from the 1400s. then went on the ferris wheel in the rain. which was cool. but also sucked. cuz I'm terrified of heights. and the rain didnt help! lol we then went for lunch, and then caught trains to our next destinations. (Alan went home, we headed for Scotland!)

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