Tuesday, May 17, 2011

you're handicap?

So yeah, this is kinda an addition to the previous post about Daniella's graduation.

Anyway, upon arrival at the school we followed the flow of traffic into the parking areas. One of the security/cops saw my handicap tag and directed me to the handicap parking. Unfortunately there was another security/cop dude there who was not quite as intelligent. He decided to stand in front of my car so I couldnt go in the direction of the handicap parking lot. The first one tried to correct him by pointing out that I had a handicap tag. The second guy responded by rather rudely saying "You dont look handicapped" I simply replied by saying "I have a heart condition" and driving away, he then yelled "Oh come on!" I didnt reply, as I was driving away. but seriously asshole.

to this moron:
its not up to you to decide what handicapped looks like. grow up you over inflated ego asshat!

P.S. someone should get me this

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Jess said...

True that. I was refused a handicapped spot because my friend was drving his car with me and my placard with me. It's the person not the car! He would not let us park there.