Friday, May 25, 2012

Cardiac Update

So today I had a cardiologist appointment.
Found out quite a few things,
1. my atrial wire is NOT shot!
2. still cant change pacemaker.
3. I'm having major A-fib.
4. med changes are needed.
5. surgery will be same day :)

So we are setting me up with a heart monitor, and starting a few new meds. one of the meds (anti-arrythmic) I need to be hospitalized for a few days to start so we'll plan that.
another med is baby asprin, which even though its a tiny, tiny dose, I'm still nervous about because as some of you may remember, I had quite a problem with asprin once before.
ambulance, liver failure, kidney failure, lost my hearing, landed myself in ICU for a few days. but I think it will be fine. I'm just nervous.
I will also be starting another medication to maintain an even pulse.

in order to start the first one, I need to come off my mood stablizer. so I started decreasing that today, and will stop it on tuseday. Not sure what they'll put me on in place of that. but I suppose we'll figure something out.

I see my cardiologist & electrophysiologist on the same day, in 6wks. after my 30 day heart monitor. so hopefully by then we'll have figured out what meds I'll be taking.

June is a busy month for me, and I need to be feeling my best. so fingers crossed everything gets fixed! lol

the endddddddd.

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