Friday, June 22, 2012

more pacemaker drama & vacation

So as you all know, my pacemaker is dying, and I've been fighting with the docs/insurance companies to get it changed.
the insurance companies like to wait until the last min (when the pacer goes into safe mode)

well I had a pacemaker check scheduled for June 19th. and my genius ass missed the appt. so I called them later that day to reschedule. we ended up rescheduling for yesterday. and (as I suspected) they decided to tell me its time for surgery, the battery needs to be replaced. well of course they tell me that then. because I was scheduled to leave for FL this morning.

anyway, these are my posts from yesterday:

"I KNEW this was going to happen!!!!!!!!!

the but NO! they wouldn't listen to me! 
pacemaker people said I need the battery replaced! 
and of course I leave for FL tomorrow morning. or at least I'm supposed to! 
UGGGGGH! they're gonna call me back in a few mins to let me know if I can still go!"


I officially CAN go to FL, however,
no matter what I do (in her words) "you could run a marathon and your heart rate wont get over 65"
so basically I'm not allowed to do ANYTHING remotely strenuous. wheelchair in airport. no beach walking. no kayaking, no swimming. nothing =\ which kinda sucks. but at least I can go!"

Recap: battery is in safe mode, meaning HR wont get over 65, and it is only pacing the ventricles (usually mine paces the atria as well) 
I can't really do anything physical 
my appointment with my electrophysiologist is scheduled for the 17th. and he'll probably schedule the surgery for the next day. I also still have my heart monitor on 24hrs a day for 2 more weeks due to the A-fib. 

but I'm here in FL now. so I'm a happy duck!

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Tori said...

Be careful lady!! xx