Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update on my life (cindy)

I really don't know where to start.
I was sick from Thanksgiving till New Years.
in and out of the hospital a few times.
most of you already know the details on my hospital stays so I'm not going to go into that. My last hospital stay ended early January, after being discharged I basically moved into the ICU waiting room at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. I had to be with Cindy. I spent countless days and nights at her bedside. tearing my heart apart by the minuet. watching my best friend go through this. it was more then I can even explain.
I always imagined she'd get her lungs in time. I wasn't prepared for this. I......I will get back to this blog later.



I always thought she'd get her lungs. losing Cindy was never an option. never a possibility. I knew she had CF, and I knew her life would be shortened. but it was not supposed to happen now. she was supposed to get those lungs. she SHOULD have gotten those lungs. I blame the Hospital in so many ways and due to my emotions, I am going to write them all out.

: They waited FAR TOO LONG to list her, they kept giving her excuse after excuse. they waited until she was on her death bed before a doctor from St.Joe's called and told them to get their fuckin acts together.
once listed she got a few false alarm calls. One of those calls, SHOULD have been hers. The donor family consented to organ donation, but the decided they didn't want to donate the lungs. for God knows what reason. I was beyond furious. once she was in the hospital, dying, they chose to put her on ECMO, and put in a TRACH to help her breathe. Cindles began having seizures and was taking a long time to wake from sedation. so the ingenious hospital decided she was no longer fit for transplant due to minimal brain activity. Even though the girl was still squeezing my hand, and saying that she wanted the transplant.

I was not prepared for this. Seeing her that way. Being there, Holding her hand, crying with her family.
hugs. prayers. tears. whispers. love.

I spent 2hrs talking to her from 4am-6am the day we lost her. She shared some of her wishes, and planning things we would do in her honor.
holding her hand and watching her slip away. was the hardest expirence of my life.
I'll never forget her. Ever.

Breathe Easy Cinthia

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glamourous gimpstress said...

i'm so sry kate i will be praying for her