Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm not "ok" stop asking.

No, I'm not okay. No, I'm not going to tell the whole story every time someone asks. so here you go!

I'm kinda going through too much right now to deal with everyone wanting to ask whats wrong all at once, so just read this.

On Saturday, my 21st birthday, a CF legend died. Eva M.
Rest In Peace Eva. Breathe Easy Angel.

On Monday, my uncle died. Leaving behind my 17yr old cousin. <3

after that all the days start blending together.

I hit a bunny on my way home from work, and cried.
I had a nightsweat caused by one of the meds I'm on mixed with the high level of stress I'm under right now. and when I say nightsweat, I mean like. climbed out of a pool wearing all my clothes and got in bed. Have to change the sheets, type of nightsweat. This nightsweat proceeded to ruin my brand new Ipod touch that I got on saturday for my birthday. I got a parking ticket for parking infront of my own house, on a side street that no one drives on unless they live there. Not that I could have avoided it. Theres a huge dumpster in my drive-way for the useless construction workers. Along with my mom's fat assed car. and my grandma who is down planning the funeral for my uncle. and I cant park next to her because that leaves a foot between my car (with the door closed) and the brick wall. which is fine for me to get out, but my dad is the one that has to move the car in the morning so he can get out of the garage.
thankfully my amazing best friend is going to have her step-dad try to get rid of the ticket for me.

now, moving on.

last night at work, I had two meltdowns.
I was already in an aweful mood when I was leaving for work (how could I not be)

As soon as I got to work I saw the name of a certain nurse on the board, who was going to be working on my side. and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

anyway, as I was writing the names of the nurses next to the room numbers on my papers so I knew who to get report from. the woman walks up behind me, takes the papers out of my hand and goes "I need my vitals"
I'm just like.............-blank stare-

Later shes like "Katelyn where have you been, I've been looking everywhere for you, You need to get vitals on the new ER, and strip the bed of the discharge"

I had been sitting at the computer at the oncology nurses station, putting in my its not that hard to hit the page button and say "katelyn can you come to the nurses station?"

anyway, as we're walking down the hall we see that another nurse has already stripped the bed. and she goes "oh it looks like NURSE B is doing your job for you"

(like seriously wtf)

a few mins later she comes and finds me again and goes "well! the patient in the room you just walked out of was sitting in a dirty diaper, the daughter came and found me and asked me to change her"

(when I walked out of that room, 3mins earlier the daughter was all smiles and said "thank you" as I walked out. the fact that she went to find Nurse A, insted of telling me, is not my fault)

the night continued to go on like this, but I dont really feel like typing all of it.

at one point Nurse C came up and was like "uhhhm Katelyn I need you to stay up front because some of the nurses were looking for you and couldnt find you"

I'm thinking dont you mean "Nurse A didnt have me kissing her ass for thirty seconds and freaked out"

Like seriously, I know the nurses have alot to do, but she had 7 patients, I had 16. I'm reporting to 3 nurses. not just her. she needs to freakin chill. and learn some respect.

So finally I called her aside and I'm like "look, is there something I'm doing that you just dont like? because it seems like you're constantly looking for something to call me out on."

and then she went on a rant about how she doesnt think I have a routine, (which is bull) and yada yada yada.

Anyway, Like I said.
I'm kinda going through too much right now to deal with everyone wanting to ask whats wrong all at once, you know.

on the plus side, My awesome friend Mebsie is coming for the weekend, and my BFF Daniella will be home for the weekend also. which makes life better. Cant wait!

I'd also like the thank my new friend Little Hug for helping me through all this

(my adorable present from Megz that came at just the right time)

~!Breathe Easy!~

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