Saturday, September 8, 2012

Delightful Dying with Daniella

yeah, it started with D puking. IN MY CAR!!! (well first there was the driving in insane rain, but I'm used to that)
...well...she puked in a bag, which of course had a hole in it. so needless to say as soon as I pulled over....I puked. (due to my newly unimproved gag refles) so yeah, there was a rite aid across the street. we went in and got some resolve, some paper towels & lysol. after we sprayed down my car we then walked into this crazy/cheap/trashy clothing store because D puked all over herself. so she was forced to wear pants that said "sexy girl" down the leg. I LOLd.
but yeah, then we had to ask someone for directions to the hiking place (the GPS wouldn't find it) so I found this guy who seemed confident he knew where it was, of course he was wrong. I finally pulled over once we had nearly gotten back to the highway. I used the GPS in my phone and found it. we finally got there, checked in and wandered off to the trail. when I stopped for lunch D just munched on some bread crusts for fear of puking again. then randomly she felt fine. which was awesome.

we followed the trail like good little hikers, it was full of super steep paths. we got to this one point and bam, we lost the trail. I decided to wander down to the waterfall to take pix and then we could just head back in the direction we came. and I noticed a random tree with blue on it (we were on the blue trail) so I looked around and finally found some other trees with blue. we start following them and come to marker number 15, which is supposedly the end of the trail but it's the middle of the woods. so we're like WTF. I kept following the blue and found marker number 14. and I was like...ARE YOU SERIOUS. so somehow we wandered off the trail, and landed on the other side of it, which still ended in the middle of the woods. so we followed the trail (I guess backwards) and since it was backwards it was allllll up the steep hills. we finally came to the place where we lost the trail. and I'm like "how did we miss this, the trail is clearly marked" well when we got to the top of the hill and looked down the trail we just climbed....guess what, they marked the wrong side of the trees. therefore standing at the top of the hill, you would have no idea that that was the trail (there are other unmarked trails all over so it's hard to tell where you're supposed to go without the markers) so yeah, we decided to just go back up through to the beginning of the trail (ALL the uphill) which still leaves me with the question "WHY THE HELL DID THE TRAIL END IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS"
and yeah, WE WERE DYINGGGGGGGGGG. I also managed to sweat through 3 shirts, my pants & the straps of the backpack I had on. Heat and humidity are not my friends.

So we get back to the main building, I checked us out, and as I'm getting into the car, the sky opens up into a massive thunderstorm. freakin POURING. but whatever, we get back onto the highway. and guess what, suddenly the world forgot what rain is. D & I were joking that everyone was like "what is this mysterious liquid falling from the sky? how do we act? what do we do?" point being, we passed a plethora of accidents. (one of which JUST happened, like right in front of us, and another one was just a single car that spun out and destroyed itself, the driver had already been taken away in the ambulance by the time we got to it) and yeah. there were just idiots everywhere. seriously, people forgot how to drive.

so of course as we're driving home D's grandma calls saying they have dinner reservations at 5:30....our ETA is 5:50. so we're like freaking out. hahaha. they got the reservations changed to 6 something but she still had to be home by 6. well yeah, we got back to my house at 6:03. then D had to drive to her house, and change, by 6:15. I mean she lives around the corner, but still lol.

Also, my gas light decided to come on and I was like AHHHHHHHH. but that is a problem for another day. THE END

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