Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FINALLY! ANSWERS! (and more)

So yeah, had a pacemaker check, electrophysiologist & cardiologist today.
next 2 pacemaker checks are oct 30th & january...4th? lol I forget.

also, epic, EPIC news.
for 7 years I've had a "mystery" heart issue that doctors couldnt quite figure out that has kept me from exerting much energy. my mom & I had begun to accept that this was as good as it was going to get. but guess what. THEY FINALLY FOUND IT!
along with the Afib which we already knew I had, the also found PVC (Premature ventricular contraction) (also know as Premature Ventricular Complex or Premature Ventricular Beat)
and to make things better. It can most likely be treated!
I start medication tomorrow, at a small dose 4xs a day. With a follow up appointment September 5th. If I'm responding well to the meds they will increase the dose until I get stabilized.
I was so excited. I cried. I can't believe they finally found it!
it was such great timing too, since I brought my cardiologist a present today, and today, she deserved it 100 times over! I freakin love her <3

Cardiac love:
Also on a side note, one of my best friends, Ann, who I have known for 7-8yrs is finally coming up from Virginia to visit. She is a heart patient as well, my #1 CHD sister! I'm going to be a brides maid in her wedding and this is the first time we're meeting in person. its true love right here.

I didn't really get any good news as far as anxiety. It has been really bad lately but I can only take low dose Ativan. Unfortunately due to all my heart issues, I can't take anything else. not happy about that, but ya win some ya lose some I guess...

I also got the clear from the cardiologist to take birth control, as long as its estrogen only. Gyno is hoping this will ease my back pain. which would be totally awesome. She did find some other abnormalities, so I'll see her again in a month. *Fingers Crossed*

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