Thursday, January 6, 2011

whats new in the duck pond

So yeah, its been awhile.
Still working! as you know I'm only part time now, but its going good.
Registering for school next week.
with the weather my health has been up & down.
also me upper ear piercing on my left ear got all infected again.
It was really weird. it was totally fine, I just took the earrings out to soak them. and there was a weird bump in my ear, I squeezed it, and BAM! explosion of infectious goo! so yeah, I guess I opened up the infection again and its like ouchy again.
I'm not happy.
but yeah, moving on.

I went upstate NY to joanie's with Daniella & my family. it was nice.

then I stayed with Cindy for 2 days.
we went grocery shopping, hung out with her friend john,
oh and got locked out!
then we were bums, and laid in bed watching movies for 24hrs!

Locked out

So yeah, thats about it. I'm currently at my friends house playing with her and her adorable children!

Lots of love everyone!
Breathe Easy<3


Allie Weese said...

Hey, what are you going back to school for? Where are you going to go?

Ducky said...

going back for nursing, I took a semester off to deal with my health.
I go to a community school for gen eds. and Felician for nursing.