Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car Accident

so I got in my first car accident today. 6yrs of driving. perfect record. ruined.
I cried, for hours.

I was in a turn only lane to get off the highway.
and some lady in the next lane over decided she wanted to be in the gas station.
and merged into me.
then got out of her car and started screaming at me, even though it was clearly her fault.
I called the cops.
and the dude at the gas station like yelled at me saying "why did you even call the cops? why didnt you just tell her you'd pay for her car?"

I didnt answer, I just closed my window, but I was thinking. "what the fuck is wrong with him, why would I pay for her car?"

and then the cop was like 12. not really obviously. he was convinced I needed an ambulance cuz I was shaking so bad, I was just really shook up. but he was rather obnoxious, and didnt know what he was doing. so I'm counting on the insurance company to work it all out.

its obvious by the damage on my car that it was her fault (like the location of the scratches)

but yeah, my mom met me at the gas station that I pulled into, and followed me home where I had to redo my makeup which was all over my face due to me crying.
the drove me to work.

I'm epicly tired. and I dont know why I'm still awake.
I feel like crap. have had a fever all day. and I'm not happy about it.
ah well. good night everyone.

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Wendy said...

Poor Ducky :(

Hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx