Monday, October 4, 2010

Health Updates / Perfect Gift

health update time:

Health is getting better. I have my meeting with occupational health tomorrow to see if they will clear me to come back to work. My cardiologist still has me on a heart monitor, and is still trying to work out the right meds for me but thinks I should be good enough to go back to work. My neurologist agrees.

My return to work note says:
"Katelyn Bush carries a new diagnoses of Neurocardiogenic Syncope,
Based upon the results of recent evaluations,
Katelyn is restricted from activities of height or near an unguarded body of water due to the risk of fainting.
Katelyn should be allowed to maintain a source of fluids, such as water or gatorade during work/class.
Katelyn may return to work but should be allowed to modify her work schedule as necessary.

In General Katelyn should be allowed to rest whenever necessary and should not be asked or compelled to complete tasks beyond her self determined exercise capacity. "

I'm very excited to go back, and I'm really hoping to go back full time, though the doctor at occ. health may suggest I go back full time. Which I guess would be ok, but I'd still prefer to go back to my life. and my full time job!

now, onto the gift!

So, I need help thinking of the perfect gift for my mom.
I know her birthday was 2days ago. she knew it was going to be late.
But I dont know what to get. I was going to get a paraffin wax tub. but I've decided not to. Everyone knows my mom is like my best friend. and I need this to be perfect.

please. any suggestion would be nifty!

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Allie Weese said...

I hope you get to go back to work and continue you normal life-but don't do too much! You don't want to tire yourself out!