Wednesday, October 20, 2010


well yeah,
as some of you have heard, I was fired from my job because I couldnt get cleared to go back.
However thats not the case. When I called Human Resorces they told me that my boss couldnt fire me. (theres more detail to that but I dont feel like going into it)

I'm thinking about taking a photography & graphic design course. (associates degree)

So next week my mom has meetings in both London & Oxford. and we were going to try to use her frequent flier miles to bring me along. however I'm not seeing much of a point anymore. I've lost all my friends. because I'm a huge jerk. and no one wants to see me.
I'm counting on abbeh. my one UK friend who hasnt turned me down.
ILY abbeh <3


Allie Weese said...

Hi Ducky, it is so hard to keep friends not only at our age, but also being ill. It is hard to keep our emotions together when you feel terrible and it is hard to be held back when everyone else is out and about.
I lost so many friends when I left school, but I kept one good one! The point is, the good ones will stay with you, so you need to find them. I am here for you if you want to talk.

Ducky said...

ty allie