Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Right, So heres a few updates.

I has a new boy of interest. (as of July 23rd) and he rocks :)

Also I've been out of work since the 29th of July. and will be out for awhile longer. I'm officially on medical leave.

Started with High blood pressure. which was fixed by changing my meds and adjusting my pacemaker. (161/141 was my usual for a few days)

Then the fun started.
Dizziness, floaters, passing out. Daily.
we've established its not my heart. I'm jumping around from doctor to doctor.
Neurologist, Optomologist, ENT. & more.

Checking cell counts, kidney function, and everything else under the sun.

its annoying. I miss my job. I just want them to figure out what it is, fix it, and let me get on with my life.


Tori said...

New boyfriend woohoo!!!

Heart problems boooo!!

Feel better soon xx

Jess said...

Hope they figure it out so you can get back to living how you want!