Monday, August 23, 2010

So lost without you

The first guy I meet. the first decent guy I meet.
The first one I let in. the first one I let truly see me.
The first guy I feel like I can really trust.
In over five years. Since my rape.

Tells me he doesnt label relationships. 'they are what they are'
And doesn't think of me as a 'girlfriend' but simply a 'friend'

I wish I knew that before I started letting him in.
Before we kissed.
Before I started falling for him.

I can't believe I let myself fall so hard, so fast.
I'm so stupid.
I want my mom.

Taken from my 'Duck Facts' not on facebook:
-I love too fast.
-I trust too easily.
-I need my mom more than anyone will ever know.

1 comment:

Tori said...

Same happened with me and Gregg but look at us now!! Maybe in time he'll change his feelings!!