Monday, May 24, 2010

More emotions

So yeah, I had a massive meltdown yesterday morning.
well I guess it was the afternoon.
It was all triggered by no one waking me up, so I slept till 1pm. and since I take an hour in the shower, that was clearly not a good thing. since I leave the house at 2:15 to go to work. but yeah. after I got out of the shower I lost it. since it was 2pm. and my dad was not very helpful. plus I really didnt feel up to going to work, but I only have 8 sick days left for the rest of the year. so I need to not waste them. and I really didnt feel like getting the crap beat out of me by one of our confused patients. I already have scars from that one.

I guess the breakdown was really just a build up of stress.
I havnt had a real day off in weeks.
my last weekend off was the weekend ziggeh was here. I hardly sat down that whole weekend. and my last day off I spent at the hospital visiting cindy.
dont get me wrong. I love them both. but I need a break!
so today I decided to stay in bed.
I've been starting to feel crappy.

another thing adding to my crazy emotions is the fact that I suck at relationships. and I'm kinda in one now. and I dont wanna fuck it up. I dont wanna ruin our friendship if we end up not being together. I wish I could verbalize whats going through my head when I'm with him. but for some reason all I do is giggle.

I just feel kinda useless lately.

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