Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Jess

Oh Jess. I miss you so much. I haven't been able to bring myself to blog until now. You were one of the strongest fighters I ever knew. You were such an amazing inspiration. And you always will be. Your sparkling eyes and brilliant smile, even during the hardest of times will always be remembered. I'm still struggling to accept that you're gone. You were not meant to die angel. You were meant to show people with CF that willpower can over come. You were supposed to change the way people thought about life with CF. Its not fair that after all that waiting you never really got to experience your new lungs. You were wonderful Jess. All that work you did will not go unnoticed. No one knew how to stir the media into a frenzy quite like you! (with Sarah & Emily) Many people have said that your story inspired and touched people across the country, but clearly Jess, you've reached farther than that. You made such an impact on me, over here in the USA. And I'm not the only one. You truly were a celebrity in your own way Jess.

We will never stop fighting for you Jess. You may not have been able to finish what you started, but we will.

"Hold on, to what we all remembered fighting for, theres some strength left in us yet!
Hold on, to what we all remembered dying for, theres some hope left in it yet!"

Rest In Peace, and Breathe Easy.
Jessica Wales.
The girl, The warrior, The legacy

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