Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hi everyone.
I just wanted to do a short update. Please forgive any typos that may appear in this blog, I  don't usually blog from my phone.

Anyway, I'm currently in California! It's my last night.  :(
I flew out for my friend's wedding, which I was actually in!  I have known this friend for over 9 years, via the Internet. But this was the first time I met her in person! She's absolutely fabulous and I had a great time with her. I wish that I could stay longer, but unfortunately she needs to be admitted to the hospital, and I'm not feeling so well either.

Her wedding was on Halloween! It was lovely and she looked beautiful. Later that night I took her and Randy  (her husband) out to eat. We went in costume, of course.

That's really the whole blog, but I felt it was important enough that it had to be posted. Now have some pictures.

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