Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Eulogy for Eileen

Oh Eileen,

Who would have thought that what started out as nothing but a double shift would quickly become a bond, a bond that blossomed into a friendship.

I only wish I could have met her sooner.

Unlike most of you here, I don't have a lifetime of memories to share today, as I've only known Eileen for a few months. But in that short time she managed to sneak her way right into my heart.

I cant imagine what all of you are going through right now.

But what I do know is that Eileen was a wonderful, sweet and loving person.
I know that she is now free from pain and suffering.
I know that she is watching over us, smiling down on us. Especially her great grandchildren.
I know that I will love and miss her always. And I am proud to call her my friend.
But most of all I know that she would want us to mourn quickly, and move on, to celebrate her life.

Rest In Peace Eileen.
Fly Free now Angel.

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