Sunday, February 21, 2010

Liberty, Loved & Lost.

Dear Liberty,

You impacted me more than I ever thought you could. I never thought we'd really lose you. I knew things had gotten bad, but I guess I just expected you to bounce back like you always do. You're so precious, and so very innocent. Your eyes, your magnificent bright blue eyes, they simply melt my heart. Though I never had the blessing of meeting you, I felt a strong connection, You're my little CHD sister. I wish I could have protected you. I wish there was something more I could have done. Your mommy and daddy love you so very much. I cant even imagine what they're feeling right now. I just know that when we lost you, a piece of all of us died along with you. In just those few short years you prove to be a true warrior, and a force to be messed with. We know you gave it your all. In the end, it was just too much. God needed you. Your brilliant smile will continue to touch hearts. You will never, ever be forgotten.

I love you Liberty.
Rest in peace precious angel.

Love Always,
Your CHD sister,

Dear Kellee & Mike,

My heart breaks for you both. After all the struggling you're family has gone through to provide the very best life possible for Liberty, God chose to take her home. Although its comforting to know that she is no longer suffering, it also crushes me that she couldn't know the same peace while here on Earth. She deserves the comfort that she has received but I wish you didn't have to let her go in order for her to feel it. I just want you both to know how honored I am to know you and how honored I am to have known your little girl. It is something I'll treasure forever.
I also want you to know how utterly impressed I am that you decided to donate her eyes, the fact that you managed to bring yourselves to improve the life of another child, while dealing with the heartbreak of losing your own. One thing I know, whoever receives those beautiful bright blue eyes will be eternally grateful.

Love Always,

(all pictures below were done by me)

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Kellee said...

Thank you, you and your support mean the world to us!! You have a big heart and thanks for letting us be a part of it.